Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starbucks anyone? (Sept 2007)

ok, so today was a nice day. Forget the fact that i overslept, and was

running a half hour behind.. that doesnt even matter. Because i FINALLY

had a good nights sleep.. and didnt suffer through dreams of ferocious

bassit hounds (you shouldnt watch the dog whisperer as your falling


So, i was running a half hour behind, but somehow managed to get


to school only 15 minutes late. And he even got out of the car willingly

today (as opposed to be carried out by 4 male teachers). Today, we

stopped and picked up some "windex origional". I would let him clean the

window if he went to school.. it worked!! However, i didnt know one

window required 50 squirts of windex. Yum.. my car smells delicious.

OK.. so here's my odd observation..

I had drank 3 cups of coffee before i left the house. Once i dropped

Tommy off, as usual, i make a run to the Nearest Starbucks. Well, today,

I had to pee like you have NO clue! lmao so I go in.. and make it directly

to the bathroom. I lay my wallet down, and get comfy.. once the

sensation of relief hit me.. i realized i was looking at myself. Directly in

front of the toilet is a garbage can. They got a new one.. and its all like,

reflective aluminum. Why would they do that. Who really wants to sit on

the toiled and watch themselves taking a piss? I mean.. i really could

have lived without that sight. Now, god forbid some facebook survey

comes along and asks if you've ever watched yourself pee.. NOW i have


say yes.. I'll be the ONLY one.. damnit!

THanks alot


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