Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meltdown/pink slip/ cops/ the whole Sha-bang!

So i'll start this off with the usual blah blah blah of ... i haven't blogged in such a long time.  I've got several reasons!  Other than just being outright lazy, and would rather play bejeweled and hanging with friends .. there just really hasn't been much to write about.  Up until this weekend, things have been pretty freaking GOOD!  

I KNEW there was a cycle approaching.  His cycles come with the full moons so relatively, every 2 weeks.  This one tricked me.  Maybe it was the trip to the Zoo.. something I sprung on him (otherwise he'd never agree to go).. I think the Zoo threw him off.  I thought that he had  COMPLETED this cycle.. and we all made it out without any injuries.  Well, I was wrong.  After the trip to the Zoo.. he began this "hibernation" thing.  He's got a top-notch queen sized bed in his room.  Instead, he put a twin air mattress in the basement.  At first it just became a weekend thing.. Come Saturday, all hell broke loose.  The ticker on the bottom of The Weather Channel was frozen.  It was stuck on Albuquerque, NM.  He followed the routine of coming up here to tell me.  I get on their website and immediately tweet them.  I managed to tweet them twice, before he blew.  We have all of our electronics (cable box xbox surround sound etc) on the shelf built into the wall.  I had to move fast.  I zipped through the living room and moved everything (laptops) and hid them.  Then moved throw-able items.  Then, I ran over to protect the electronics.  He wanted to smash the cable box, and I didn't want him to.  Well, this is where I became the rag-doll.  I wont get into the horrible specifics but, I was bitten severely 3 times.  My arm is bruised from shoulder to wrist.  My index finger he actually bit into the tendon.  There's also bruises all over my chest from kicks and clumps of hair missing. *sigh*  We live on 2 acres.  I couldn't find the phone, and nobody could hear me screaming.  I got my footing and .. he got a black eye.  The behavioral specialist from Tommy's school, lives in this town.  Once I found the phone I called for help.  He then ran into the basement and hid (under blankets).  Tracy got here, and i knew, this was bad.  We had to call 911.  Luckily, I had spoke with them back in Feb, so they were very VERY good with him.  The EMT rode in the back of the police car with him, while I was carted off in the ambulance.  

Ever wonder what kind of adrenalin goes through their bodies during one of these rages? 2 shots of ativan, and 2 pills (unsure of the dosage) of Valium and the boy NEVER fell asleep.

The police did pink slip him, but in the state of Ohio (not sure if its the same or different in other states) the parent has the final say.  Well, there were NO BEDS available at ALL.  I take that back.. there was 1 bed open, but the place where it's located, I wouldn't go in that neighborhood in the DAY time let alone sending my kid there to stay.   However, Akron General Children's Hospital, agreed to take him for observation..  Upon arriving there, I was informed that I would not be able to see him but 1 hour a day.  Nor, would I get to see the doctor before.. well, I don't know?  The social worker didn't seem to even CARE that he has autism, and cognitive deficits.  So yeah, we didn't stay there long.  

A friend of mine (another parent/Social worker) brainstormed with the staff at the school and got me in contact with The Cleveland Clinics pediatric/adolescent  psych.   Well, now Tommy officially has a psychiatrist. Funny thing is, he's the one that was a complete ASSHOLE to me on the phone a week or so ago. Anyhow.. once the school got in contact with him, and explained what transpired here this weekend, he changed his tone. We went inside, got to see how the staff associated with the children, all single rooms.. we sat and we ALL made a plan. I spent ALL weekend listening to people tell me that "this is not the way you do things Rhonda".. well that was completely unacceptable to me. Funny thing was.. all of the staff told us "we wish MORE parents would take the time to let us know the in's and out's of their kids.. we're left to figure it all out!"

Right now, there are no beds. Even if there were a bed, they all agreed that they don't want Tommy there with a particular combination of kids. They want to make sure they're carefully staffed to make sure they have enough people in case Tommy melts down. So, we're looking at 2 weeks. It's a short-stay facility 2-3 days. He's already adjusted some meds around (oh the neurologist will be so happy! /sarcasm) in the meantime.. we just tread water and document any changes with the new meds. We'll still attempt going to ESY .. but, not by force. I am so so SO glad I pulled the plug Saturday. This placement is going to be SO much better.  Not just for Tommy, but for ALL of us.  They said one of us could even STAY with him overnight if he's having a hard time with everything.   

I'm still a mess about the situation.  The last thing I ever want is to have to be away from my child.  But at least, I know he'll be safe, and very well cared for.  
First and foremost... we have a PLAN.  


  1. You're living out my worst fears about our future, but he's safe and you have a plan. Thank you so much for sharing this. Thinking of you x

  2. Oh,Rhonda!! I am tearing up for you!!! I am so sad that you went through all of this over the weekend, but I am so very happy that there is FINALLY a plan in place. I pray this is the beginning of The Answer for Tommy and for you all. I am keeping you in my thoughts, my beautiful friend! And, I am sending you some happy thoughts and healing ju-ju!

  3. I absolutely agree with bbsmom. My nightmare - your reality. Oh, Lord. This parenting stuff isn't for the faint of heart, is it?!