Friday, August 12, 2011


Yeah, you might want to sit down for this one! hahahaa

Today, he's been awesome.  Off, but very manageable. He's still doing fantastic with self monitoring.  

Usually I give him his med's just before dinner.  Tonight, I wanted him to be able to stay up later with us, so I gave them AFTER dinner.  When your child's med's are mood stabilizers,  you understand that something as simple as that can delay med's enough to cause a dip. Dip meaning, the mood goes a little coo coo for a couple of hours.. med's running low on fuel. Whatever. Anyhow.. It was all pointless.  He's doing exactly what's being asked and is ASKING for free time in return.  Even watching TV together today was stressing him out.  So wanting to replay our nice evening under the full moon again, is completely out the window.  He's telling me he needs space.  

So, he has his ice cream, i have my cereal (my dinner). Listening to dad play some funky music on the laptop.  He's done.  "I'd like to go have my freetime now please". Ok, we go over the rules and off he goes.  He goes to hurdle over the dog gate and SMASHES his toe right in to it.  He yells "OUCH!!!" Then he calmly sits on the floor.. takes his sock off and checks the damage. "F-F-F-F-F!!!!.. <long pause> (personally, I was waiting for the FUCK!!!!) There was no FUCK.  He yells:


I of course, am (hysterically) praising him for using the appropriate word. "You want a band aid?! Here, I'll bring the whole box!!" Yes, band aid makes a super box of 100 band aid's. WHOOHOO!! There was no blood. He didn't NEED the band aid of course.  But he DESERVED it!! As a matter of fact, he got 2 :)

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  1. That's awesome considering I'm 100% sure the other F-word would have come flying out of my mouth!!!