Friday, August 19, 2011

He moved out!!

It dawned on me today.  For the past 6 months, Tommy's been very insistent the he wanted to be in our bed.  We'd allow it for naps, free time, and to fall asleep before we come to bed and do the shuffle of getting him to his bed while sleeping. 

Well all week, he's been spending more and more time in his bedroom.. HIS bedroom!  When he goes to bed, its in HIS room.  No more shuffle.  

In my mind, i've made up this conclusion of sorts.  That, what we've gone through the past 6 months, has been pretty intense.  I feel like, this is his way of telling us he's ok now.  That he no longer feels scared. He feels ok.  I hope i'm right.

In addition, I got a very nice phone call today. It was from the Officer that was first on the scene here when the incident happened.  She called to follow up with us. To make sure we're all still doing ok and to see if we needed anything.  The most important part of the call was to let us know personally that she spoke with the juvenile prosecutor and they have OFFICIALLY closed the case.  NO charges will be brought on Tommy what so ever.  I knew there weren't going to be any charges, but the sheer fact of knowing that the case is CLOSED, is quite a relief.  We did the whole "thank you for everything" and "you are amazing parents" The most touching part of the call came at the end when she said "we don't want you or your family to be afraid to call us.  We want to help you. Not hurt you".  That, meant the world to me.  In light of some pretty horrible stuff happening to a friend of mine in the next county over.. this was a wonderful thing to hear.  

Things are constantly changing around here.  Sometimes, I just have to sit back and enjoy it.  


  1. That is an inspiration to all of us who fear calling for help when things are going badly! Thanks for sharing your story, and especially this story! We don't hear these stories NEAR enough!!! So glad that things are going well and positive!!! And, just think... your first child has "moved out," and you still get to see him EVERY DAY!!! AWESOME!!!!

  2. We're so fortunate to live where we do. A very dear friend of mine, lives in the next county over, and they're not so welcoming to special needs. She's been slapped with $6500 in fines for his "disturbing the peace". Their latest stint was to challenge her Guardianship over her son (24) because they wanted him put away.. away from the community. They were tired of dealing with him. To avoid losing her son to a "facility" she sent him out of state. *smh* I feel very very fortunate to live where I do.