Thursday, August 11, 2011

I heart GOOD

I really hope that I'm not just about to jinx myself here.. but, here goes!

I never. HARDLY EVER!!! Ever blog good things.  Not because things are constantly bad.  It's that, when the good is happening, I'm enjoying it. When things are bad, I come HERE for my therapy. 

Today, I'm here because, I CAN be!

He's been freaking PERFECT today! Woke up happy, tra-la-la'd through the house "i was very happy to watch good morning america today!" he said to me at breakfast.  He wanted some free time, I wanted to workout in the pool, cool. Hour goes by and up he gets. We've been working on self regulating our time using his iphone.  "Times up! Time to get dressed, brush teeth, deodorant and lunch!"  Right on cue.   

We had talked all day yesterday about going to get his haircut today. We were going after lunch. As I go to make MY lunch, *GASP!* the bread was green! "its ok, im not going to throw up" Awesome. He's not going to puke, AND its not the end of the world! 2 for the price of one! I grab the alternative hot dog bun for bread and we're good. "Bub, before we go to the barber shop we have to go to the High School so Brianna can drop off her homework. Then I have to run to the store and get new bread. THEN we'll go to the barbershop ok?" He makes eye contact and says "then home?" *whew* "yes then home"  Translation- we're good.

We get to the high school Brianna's nervous, and I secretly want Tommy to SEE the High School (that he'll never be able to attend :(  ) Brianna goes in the office and Tommy starts to wander. It's like he didn't even realize the magnitude of this giant building. This IS the biggest High School I've ever seen. (You're in sections of 4. Each section has their own office. Downstairs is the MAIN office. Craziness.) I thought I'd cry. I always do anyhow but, there was a LOT of emotion going through me at that very moment.  Tommy would be a Junior this year. There were people walking around.. kids doing whatever they're doing before school starts.  It's a 2 story building. There were ceramic tiles all over the floors. Tommy was following a certain color. Jumping from one, to the other to the other. Brianna's done, and comes over. No words. We're just watching him.  He keeps looking back to make sure I'm there.  I just smiled at him.  Holding back Niagara falls that wanted to come out of my face.  I wanted to say "this is YOUR school Bub.  This is where you would be. This is where your peers are. "  Of course I'd never tell him that.  I don't even know if he REALIZES it all.  He thinks Brianna is older than him.  He treats her like a Big sister.  I just recently figured this out.  He just cant understand that he's a BIG brother. He was having fun.  All of us have at least ONE good memory of High School.  (My vice principal/english teacher used to skateboard through the hallways!)  Well, even though Tommy will never attend there, he has his memory.  He had fun :)

Next we're off to the store. In and out like clockwork.  

We arrive at the barber shop.  There's only ONE barber today! Oh crud.  There's like 4 people ahead of us. I though, we'll try this. If he gets too worked up, we'll leave or go for a walk.  He sat the ENTIRE hour.  20 minutes in Brianna went to go walk the square (yes we have a town square. Very old school) She comes back.  I'm so stunned that he's just sitting there, randomly talking with me, watching the men ahead of him getting their hair cut. I tell Brianna to go next door and get cupcakes for the two of them for dessert tonight. (specialty TO DIE FOR bakery.) He accepts the chocolate (they were out of Oreo).  Brianna goes out walking around again... its Tommy's turn. He gets up in the chair and off he goes! Sat nicely... budged a few times, but nothing too bad.  WHAALAA! Perfect cut. He SAYS Thank you (unprompted!!!) and " Bye!! See you next time when I have long hair again!!!" and we're out! 

We had to go find Brianna.  She was in this Toy shop. Holy crap. This place is usually sensory OVERLOAD for him.  (the sp. ed office used to be upstairs.. he's had to SEE this place before)  But, its been about 3-4 years since he's been here.. let try.  So I open the door and decide to let HIM lead.  He's walking .. walking.. he was awesome. He did keep making sure that he could see the exit from where he was standing. But he was touching things, looking AT things, trying things.  We made our way out, walked back to the truck and got home.  

So here I sit.  He's EARNED his 2 hours of free time. He's upstairs rockin' out to the soundtrack of Mod Nation  

Today was a GOOD freaking day.  I wish dad didn't have to work :(  He would have enjoyed it too. 

So, there you have it!!  I have a nice, positive happy blog.  Now, Judge Judy is on and I have 30 more minutes to myself.  


  1. That is FANTASTIC! Congrats! I am really happy for you and Tommy! Great kick butt day! Enjoy the rest of it!

  2. If anyone deserved a day like this, it was you. I am so happy that you got one & hope the positive trend continues!