Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's ok. It's just an advertisement.

I should start this entry with the braces update.  Brianna got her braces on yesterday (just the tops for now.. she's being treated for severe TMJ and the bottoms will come after she completes the TMJ treatment).  After the appointment, we went to lunch together (Brianna and I) and talked about how Tommy may react.  We laughed and hoped that it wouldn't make him gag seeing braces in her mouth (yeah, looking at my brother used to make me sick too lol). She asks me "what do I do if he wants to TOUCH them?" She doesn't necessarily WANT her brothers hands in her mouth. She agreed to LET him so long as he washes his hands first lol  THANKS NAN!! <3  So, we got home, and go upstairs to show Tommy.  He looked, and went back to his iPhone.  After all my prepping, he could care less.  Typical life of a mom with an Autistic

Another update.. he's back in mom and dad's room.  I thought he was over it. Again, typical life of an autistic child's mom! Last week we had a few days of "weird" behaviors.  Not bad, just.. weird.  Unlike his "usual" self.  He's developed a HUGE need for independence.  I know this is a GOOD thing, but it happened FAST.  It's taken a LOT of adjustment on OUR part.  But, at the same time, I see him withdrawing again.  Wanting to do everything ALONE.  It concerns me because in OUR mind, being alone a lot, isn't a good sign.  However Brianna brought something to my attention.  "You know mom, sometimes I just want to be alone too. And, I appreciate that you guys LET me be alone when i want/need it.  Maybe Tommy just wants to hang out, and be alone." Out of the mouths of BABES I tell ya!!!  We're being a little more lenient allowing him his space. SO LONG AS... he participates in family time.  So far, its been a breeze. 

This brings me to last night.  Usually after dinner, he has his routine of eating, showering, coming down for dessert. That's when I like my family time with the kids.  We hang out and talk about our days etc.  If i'm lucky, i can suck 30 minutes from him.  Last night, i struck gold.

We were sitting at the kitchen table watching Wipeout. Brianna was upstairs resting (she was in a lot of pain by the end of the night).  Dad was in the basement gaming.  We were having actual conversation.  We were talking in depth about shaving.  He so desperately wants to do the shaving himself.  I'm terrified to let him.  Marylee over at twitter turned me on to a Gillette 'how to' video on how to shave. (The video has several awkward moments of the guy winking at himself and posing in front of the mirror. If Tommy mimics this, I will pee my pants laughing!)  

So after watching some videos, and talking about what will happen if we get cuts.. it happens.  Tommy's downfall are commercials.  Some commercials make him FURIOUS!  Well, MADE him furious.  Whenever we're having some TV time, I make sure the remote is either in my pocket, or very near wherever we are.  The commercial came on.  I can't even remember what the commercial is FOR.  Its an insurance commercial that plays music you'd hear from the ice cream truck.  We have rules when these commercials come on.  We either turn the tv off for 30 seconds, change the channel, cover our ears or he can even run out of the room.  JUST DON'T BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ANOTHER CABLE BOX!!!!!  Well, the commercial came on.  I held my breath, he had no reaction. I asked "should I turn the TV off?". He replies "no, it's ok. It's just an advertisement".  WOW.  You could have tipped me over.  It didn't happen just once.  TWICE.  We continued to talk about shaving.  Then he yawns and says "i'd like to go to bed now".  He had given me an hour and a half of family time (even though it was just me lol). Typically we have to really work hard to keep him UP until 8pm. He likes to go to bed early as an escape for social interaction.  It was 8:45 when he went to bed last night.

I know this may just be a wave of goodness coming from him.  I'll never forget what he is CAPABLE of doing.  But when I get good waves like this, I enjoy every minute.


  1. I always say there's a YouTube 'how to' video for just about everything. I don't even remember recommending this one but I'm happy to take the credit :D !! Yesterday I followed a 'how to cut a man's hair with scissors' YouTube clip because BB's refusing to let me use clippers any more. I botched it horribly but luckily BB's hair is very curly and therefore quite forgiving of lop-sided lopping!
    Lovely to hear that Tommy seems more relaxed about some things. Long may it last.

  2. OMG an hour and one half---that's gold!!! Pure gold! I'm going to have to check out this shaving video. I may need it in a few years!

  3. That IS awesome! I have to say, with your son being so much older than mine are, you are bringing to light so many issues I have not yet considered. Puberty. Shaving. The list goes on and on. All I can say is Thank You for sharing. I AM taking notes! :)