Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to Home School!!!

The day has come.  First day of home school for Tommy.  We had marked the calendar, we spent the week talking about what to expect, he actually seemed excited.  As the day got closer, I could see Tommy trying to retreat.  This is one of his anxiety techniques.  For the past week, he's been little by little he's been wanting more and more free time.  By free time, I mean spending time in either his room, or my room, playing with his iphone... or sleeping.

I was so on to him!

Tuesday night, him and I had a long talk.  "You're being way too sleepy's bub".  "why too sleepy??"  This went on for a long  I let him know that he can finish the night being "sleepy" but tomorrow, we're going to be LESS sleepy.  And... he was.  We kept him very busy.  However, as the clock was ticking.. closer and closer to 5'o-clock, i could see the anticipation building with him.  

So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that when Mr. Mike arrived Tommy greeted him by pulling his shirt up over his head and saying "I SEE BOOBS!".  I hide behind the wall to laugh (so he doesn't see).  I could see Mr. Mike fighting back the laughter as well.  As the professional he is, it rolls off his shoulders and he walks past Tommy.

To decode the situation- I really believe Tommy lets things build up like a pressure cooker (unfortunately, he gets this from me).  He'd been anticipating this "school at home" for some time now.  In a way, I think Tommy was TESTING Mike.  To get a rise out of him.  To see how far he could push.  I was so happy that Mr Mike didn't acknowledge the negative behavior.  

Once we finished the boob show, it was as if the skies parted and goodness just POURED into Tommy.  Mr. Mike set up the following schedule for Tommy.

Tommy's Schedule

  1. Worksheet
  2. Break
  3. Windex Bathroom Mirror
  4. Break
  5. Worksheet
  6. Break
  7. Vacuum living room
  8. Break (2 videos)
  9. Worksheet
  10. Break (1 video)
  11. Swiffer (dust) fireplace
  12. Goodbye Mike :)
He initially wanted to give Tommy short breaks in between doing things.  So, he wouldn't get overwhelmed with doing work.  The purpose of the "chores" is to touch-up on his daily living skills.  During the breaks, he was playing with his iphone looking up Jack in the Box commercials.  (this was entertaining because we don't have Jack in the Box here, and Mr Mike had never SEEN Jack before! *GASP!*)  It became easier to monitor the break time by allowing the certain number of videos each time.  

Of course this was so beautiful and wonderful because it WAS only the first visit.  With Tommy, the first visit is so crucial.  He decides very quickly if he will tolerate you placing demands on him. Mike passed with FLYING COLORS! I have never... I mean never ever seen Tommy excited for learning.  He's always been GREAT at it, but he's NEVER enjoyed it.  He's already checked the calendar once today to make sure Mr Mike will be coming again next week. (we're starting with only once a week.. baby steps)

He then earned his 1 hour of free time upstairs.  

Today, I am going to be contacting my district and cancelling the transition into the DD school.  I made a promise to Tommy that I would listen to him.  School is the cause of his anxiety and I am NOT going to put that pressure on him.  If he can continue to work with Home School, we'll finish his credits out at home.  The IEP will need to be re-written to reflect that.  Once that's done.. we can all stop stressing out so much! (that's my own pep talk, for me lol)

During one of the breaks, Mr. Mike and I were chatting it up.  I knew he does a lot of work at the high school, and he had mentioned that his brother is a teacher at the Middle School that Brianna used to attend.  Last night I found out that the work he does at the High School is.. subbing.  Currently, he's the sub for Brianna's Honors Language Arts class.  *gasp*  When Tommy was done, and Mr. Mike was gone, I had to have a talk with her too.  "How do you feel about Mr Mike being your sub AND Tommy's home school teacher?"  Her response? "i'm cool with it.. i'm down with this mom.  Don't worry about it".  Have I mentioned how amazing this child of mine is??!!


  1. that is quite simply WONDERFUL to hear. it really takes the right person to break through barriers. you for reading Tommy's signals and knowing what his reactions to certain things are and Mr. Mike for allowing things to flow as they are to bring Tommy to his place of comfort. that is bombdelicious. woot woot!

  2. Thanks Lavinia!!! I did the happy dance all night. I think i was just as nervous as he

  3. This all seems pretty positive!

  4. The whole time I was reading this I was all, "OMG, OMG, OMG, that's great! That's great!" And it is. How awesome is all that?!?

  5. It's so very awesome lol

    I hate to write or talk about the good stuff. Afraid of jinxing myself! lol He is doing great though. I know it's the 'honeymoon' effect i'm sure. But, i'll take the good ANY way i can get it! :)

  6. This all sounds fantastic! Celebrate whatever you can. That's my philosophy, anyway.

  7. Tommy sounds a lot like my son on the testing limits part! Hilarious how he did it! Good for Mr. Mike not falling into the trap... Sounds like (knock on wood for you) a good match. Yay for Brianna being cool with it! Both your kids are amazing! :)

  8. Even if the honeymoon doesn't last, it's shown you that you're on the right track and homeschooling is the way forward. Well done!