Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A family's day out

The start of this week has been very interesting. Brianna somehow scored Monday and Tuesday off from school, and Tom's days off are Monday and Tuesday which mean... the whole family home together, for two days.  It may not sound like much. Most people spend the weekends with their family.  Well, not here.  It's NEVER been that way!  Tom, the hubs, has always worked an odd schedule.  Mostly to accommodate me in helping with Tommy, but also to earn the most money he can (working Sundays and most holidays). So typically, the kids and I work on a Mon-Fri schedule.  Tom works on a Wed-Sun schedule.  This allows him to get his private, undisturbed time on the beloved xbox. Poor Tom. He took one for the team this week and gave us his day. Oh the FUN I had planned!

We were going to give the dogs baths today. I kinda volunteered him for the job.  But after I spent the morning vacuuming the floors and mopping and cleaning, the last think i wanted running around were 3 wet dogs.  Ix-nay on the ogday athbay.

Instead, lets LEAVE the house! All of us. Together. In the same vehicle! That is VERY rare for us. First stop- Cleveland Clinic! Nothing says love more than a trip to Tommy's psychiatrist!  Seriously, you know how much I love that man.  He's my Santa. My Jesus. The one that gave me my FAMILY back.  A great visit it was too. Tommy is just SO different than what he was 9 months ago.  Its a BIG hospital, but his office is very very small. The waiting room has like, 5 chairs. Tightly smooshed together.  His office is the size of, an exam room lol  Typically we walk around the hospital grounds for the appointment since Tommy usually can't tolerate the small space.  This time, he just sat down and let me check us in. We were early, so i expected to have to wait.  As long as Tommy was ok in there, I was just going to go with it.  Well, we waited about 25 minutes before he came to get us. He grew a beard.  You can imagine Tommy's reaction.  Tommy wanted to touch it.  As we were walking down the hall, he turned to me and whispered "touch it?" I shook my head no. He giggled.  We talked about the meds, our decision to keep Tommy home schooled (which he surprisingly agreed with), chatted it up with Brianna about Charles Dickens, went through his desk and showed us his odd stuff (glass frog, stress balls, tubing/rubber band stretchy thing lol  He's roughly our age.. a little younger even. Likes to keep things light but at the same time, very straight forward with things.  Things are good, Tommy's good. And, we're off.

Next stop, Steak n Shake of course! It's Tommy's reward for doing so great at the Dr's.  Tommy loves to eat inside (after 4 years of NOT being able to tolerate inside eating) Twice in 1 week. ICK. I feel like a big fat giant cow right about now.  

Tom's reward is Best Buy.  Modern Warfare 3,972 came out today (modern warfare 3) so of course, we MUST get it.  

Finally, we make our way back to into our neck of the woods.  We stop into the voting center, and cast our ballots. Tommy enjoys going there. We always let him touch the "cast ballot" and all the papers start printing lol  Funny stuff.   

Poor Brianna.. no reward for her.  She had her lovely 4 day weekend and spent it socializing. Somehow in that smart little head of hers she thought she could read the last 9 chapters of Great Expectations in one day AND answer the questions, and do a science lab. *smh*  You live and you learn my dear daughter.  It's after 10 and she's still going at it up there.   What's the saying... The best lessons learned, are the ones you learned the hard way.  <3


  1. Great Expectations! Loved that book. Sounds like a nice day out

  2. You are either really brave or insane to take them all out. I'll venture a guess and say brave. ;)
    I'd brave taking them all out too if it meant keeping the house clean after I just slaved to get it that way.

    I love steak n shake!

  3. Hooray for Tommy! He sounds like he did an awesome job at the doctor's office. (and it was pretty cute that he wanted to touch the beard!) I've heard a lot about this Steak-N-Shake thing but I think it's good that I don't know what I am missing... Poor Brianna - I've been there! Love the saying... so true. :)

  4. Oh Lizbeth, i will do most ANYTHING to get out of having to cook a meal! hahaa I used to love to cook but these days, I'm usually have to cook a min of 2 meals. One for Tommy and one for the rest of us. SUCKS!

    Karen- don't do it!!! STAY AWAY!!!!! They're a yummy greasy super UNHEALTHY place to eat. Need I say more? lol <3