Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I know.. STFU already Rhonda!!!!!!!!!!  I'm posting a LOT today because, i've been too busy having a mental breakdown the past few days. SO, I have to catch up now. 

I know a lot of you have Spectrum kids (that's a no-brainer!) But, I also know a lot of you also have more than just one child. 

When Brianna was younger, I had her in a SIBS group. She was in Kindergarten and doesn't even REMEMBER being there.  However, I scored and found a TEEN SIBS group here locally.  These are so hard to find because SIBS groups are typically geared towards younger kids when, personally, i think it makes MUCH more sense to have these for Teens and Tweens.  Further, unlike the rancid school that Tommy used to attend, they would charge $100+ for a Sib Shop (like we had money POURING out of our asses. I guess the nearly 100K tuition wasn't enough).  This particular Sib Shop was MUCH more affordable and included materials, and a meal! (HA! Take THAT you piece of SHIT money-grubbers!)

She loved it.  She loved it SO MUCH!!! And, was able to meet and ARTICULATE feelings with kids her own age.  Sibs Shops for younger kids is really fantastic for helping your NT child UNDERSTAND the disability, and the "different" world that they are going to be raised in.  This group, for Teens/Tweens does a little more.  It let them come to terms with things.. talk about how much it SUCKS, and how sometimes it doesn't suck so much. It's all facilitated by a therapist.  I am so happy I found this for my daughter.  She was SO THANKFUL that I found it as well!!! It meets monthly. And, it doesn't require a car payment to attend.  

So, just something for you all to think about.  If there's a Sibs group near-by, check it out. As much as you think your NT is taking things just fine.. sometimes it's good for them just to have other kids around that... as Brianna put it.. "they just GET it".

That is all.. you may carry on.

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