Monday, November 21, 2011

Social Group #3

Well here we are.  We've completed our 3rd Social group this past weekend. This time he was actually... I don't want to say EXCITED, but he wasn't nervous this time.  He had actually, at once point, REMINDED me that we were going.  So, that's a plus, right? (don't burst my bubble)

  This time started out just as the others.  He ran a few laps around the place, then found his "pillow" of yoga mats and decided that he wasn't even going to LOOK at those people this time.  Rather than starting with massive BEATING of the drums, the instructor decided to do something logical NICE and start with the 'shaking' instruments. That was nice actually. To not immediately have my brains bleeding out of my ears.

  She moved into playing her guitar in this HELLO song where each participant gets to introduce themselves.  Thankfully, she took notice to Tommy ignoring the whole group remembered that Tommy didn't like participating in this whole shin-dig and kept the show going MINUS the "HELLO TOMMY" segment.  Rather than sitting awkwardly on a stack of 50 yoga mats, I asked if I could go sit on the bench. He agrees. See me? In the gray pants (in the mirror)! HELLO!

 During the shaking of maracas that lasted a good 15 minutes, I managed to get him to at least WATCH.  They weren't playing songs, they were working on following instructions such as shaking to the beat.  Tommy found that interesting.  I shake 2 times, you shake two times.. it actually was starting to catch on with the kids! I asked if he wanted a shaker... of course I get "the look" with a prompt NO.

 Of course, the drums came out which led to me remembering that I again FORGOT his headphones!!!! He was fully prepared to tolerate the ridiculous banging until, they began banging to Christmas music.  HOLY FUCK ME IN THE ASS!  *sigh*  Why. WHY?!  I understand you're all in the Christmas spirit but.. this boy is NOT. And, he's struggling SO HARD to make it THROUGH this Socializing process.  What's interesting is.. i KNEW this was a deal breaker. I begged him to leave.  "Bub, I KNOW this is so hard, and it's ok.  We can STILL go to Dunkin Donuts. We can leave early and it'll be ok".  He refused.  He wanted to finish his hour.  So we stepped out of the room to where there is a small exercise area. There's a bench against the wall.  We sat on the bench for the last 20 minutes watching the Man in Yellow run his little heart out.  Tommy didn't even mind that one of the TV's was set to FOX NEWS which is SATAN to him.  We watched mom's blackberry until it struck 8:00pm in which we get up, go inside (to retrieve Brianna and our coats) and we left.  

One more to go.. 


  1. Hello *waves excitedly* to you. OMG, why do they persist with the drums? I had to laugh when you said the HEllO song. Alex has been listening to a HELLO song by Martin Solvig for easily 6 months now and I'm beyond over it. At least this was a different song. And I give Tommy all the credit in the world. He stuck it out. To me that says a lot.

  2. Lizbeth, i swear to you. i never thought it would get THIS far. 2 years ago he LOATHED going to these things. I didn't think this out properly. Drums. OMG its a effing drum circle. Bongos and big ones and tiny ones. And LOTS of drum sticks!!! I've tried to give him an out. And talk him into doing something else. Now, I think he just wants to punish me. Because he know I can not STAND it when they just beat the HELL out of them...