Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Forgotten Blanket

Tommy goes from one thing to another, constantly.  2 things are very consistent for him.  Nintendo (Mario in particular) and Game Shows (wheel of fortune and Jeopardy since he was about 6 months old could quiet the crying baby).

Well, as hubs tends to do, when Tommy LIKES something, it causes hubs to go all CRAZY and he hits ebay to find everything with that LOGO on it.  Not something I mind at ALL because, they're usually really cool items.  

However, as Tommy has gotten older, he doesn't like to share these things.  He no longer WATCHES these shows.  I've noticed that lately, he'll turn the channel on at 7 and 7:30 for a mere 2 seconds to make sure the shows are still ON, but he says "OH!!!" and changes the channel rather quickly back to... whatever was on.  I don't understand this.  I've tried with all of my might. For YEARS we (all 4 of us) would play gamecube around the clock. He LOVED IT!! WE loved it!! Imagine his face when we surprised the kids with a trip to NYC (we lived on Long Island at the time) to Nintendo World Store.  It was awesome.  But then, in Tommy's world, Nintendo was gone.  NO MORE.  Couldn't turn it on in front of him.  He completely shut down to Nintendo.

In comes GSN.  He found that channel and for the next 3 years, it was the center of our life.  I didn't mind too much. I love game shows too. I love him being able to RELATE to the excitement of winning, and the let down of losing.  Even if they were severe repeats of old 70's game shows.  Those were his favorite!! Oh The Match Game (O_O) ... Richard Dawson and his kisses lol   He used to LOVE when I'd play along online and get our high score on the tv!!
We're #6 rllogan !!!!
But, when things started falling apart even more, GSN died too :(   I hate when his likes/loves change because usually what happens is.. we have no way to connect with him.  Our conversations become scripted again. The mere 'being excited for things' tends to go away as well.  There is a flip side to this too i should add.  When he was addicted to GSN, it was living life according to the clock.  You can't leave the house during certain hours because we CAN'T miss a show.  

This week, hubs decided to clean out his locker at work.  He used to work midnight shifts.  The guys would split up the shifts and when they'd go on break, they could nap. So, since Jeopardy was dead, hubs took Tommy's old Jeopardy blanket.  I forgot we even OWNED this.  I honestly don't even remember BUYING this..lol  Anyhow, he brought it home since he doesn't work midnight shifts anymore.  So, I wash it (3 years in a locker.. um, yea.) and while Tommy was getting ready for bed last night, he unveiled the blanket.  To be perfectly honest.. i thought he was going to run away from it yelling "NOOOO!!!" or something very similar.  Instead, what i got was... clapping and flapping.  I swear if the boy had feathers, he would have FLAPPED away last night. HE WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED! So it goes without saying that.. he forgot about this blanket too lol    Since then, he's carrying around this blanket like Linus from the Peanuts.  I love it.  HE LOVES IT!  

I needed some happiness.  Thanks bub :)

Laying in bed playing with his new Santa Talking Carl :)


  1. That is awesome! Amazing sometimes that such little things make us happy, but I'll take it. You made me smile just reading this. Thank you!

  2. I know this sounds crazy but I love it when my son gets so excited he flaps. It's so nice to see him truly happy! I'm glad you got that. Hugs.

  3. My son is so much like this! I can't even begin to say how sometimes I feel the same exact way about not knowing what will be the next thing he'll be into ... is grandmother goes nuts buying the things he likes like some yard sale fiend or eBay fanatic - only for a few months or years to go by and him really have no interest in the same stuff anymore. Oh well. BTW - your comment on my blog was not deleted - it just got butchered when I accidently flip flopped where comments were coming from when I updated my blog background and I posted the wrong comment link from disqus for my tumblr site.

  4. Lizbeth- me too!! I flap with him. He gets the biggest smile on his face when we flap together :D

    C.. so long as you got the comment, its cool :)