Friday, December 23, 2011


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There's a LOT of debate on the news and in our lives lately.  Weather it's about politics, autism, schools, civil rights etc.  

In our house.. we debate money.  Or, I should clarify, HOW TO SAVE MONEY.  It's a big lesson that we've been trying to get across to Tommy because, well, when you destroy property, we then have to save money in order to REPLACE the property you destroy!  Sometimes, you're just never going to get that piece of property back.  

Well, this is where hubs comes into the picture.  We sometimes think he could be a HOARDER if we didn't keep a tight eye on him.  Him and I... are just one good push from the edge as it is lol.  He, becomes attached to random items that he refuses to let go of.  Things like, clothing.   Sometimes, I'm able to get them into the garbage and time passes and he's forgotten that he ever owned the item.  Other times, such as this time... he FINDS them in the garbage and the debate commences.  


I must add.. He still has these.  Only because there is really a WORSE pair that not only *I* need to get rid of.. but when Tommy see's them come out of the dryer, HE (TOMMY!) tries to put them in the garbage lol.  

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you all make it through Christmas in one piece!!


  1. I really don't see anything wrong with those.

  2. lmao Jim. For some reason, that doesn't surprise me.

  3. Did your hubs conclude that video with a "that's what she said"?? That alone makes him a keeper, despite his holey pajamas.

  4. Those pajamas are awesome!!!! I have some "go to church" items in my wardrobe, too!!! Yep, "go to church"= HOLY!!!! Or, should I say HOLE-Y!?!?! muahahahahaha That was great!! I needed that laugh!!!

  5. You guys crack me up. I could have photoshopped my husband in there and it would have been like you were here. He's gone in the garbage to get things I've pitched.... God help us all!!!

  6. My hubs too! He has stuff with so many holes!!! Drives me nuts!! LMAO - because it's soooo true!! xoxo

    Merry Christmas!! YAY! Tommy opens it all soon, yes? (or has he already?)

  7. seriously?!!?! My husband isn't the only one!??! You have no idea lmfao How much better this makes me feel. It drives me absolutely nuts.