Friday, April 13, 2012


Oh what a week!! There's been so much going on.. i am utterly drained.  How do we end this week? Of course..a bomb threat called in at my daughters High School!!  I happened to be across the street dropping off paper work to the psych at the elementary school and saw firetrucks and police cars EVERYWHERE. I see the kids being ushered to the stadium.  I live in a VERY LOW crime area.. a bomb threat is just.. unHEARD  I immediately call her and she tells me whats going on.  They're then ushered down the street to the middle school, then down the other street to a park.  What a fiasco.  I think it was over an hour later (after school) that hubs was able to actually GET to her! *smh*

While all of this is going on.. I am at homeschool with Tommy, AT school.  HAHAHAA I always laugh when I say that.  Being at home, its, bland.  One day we tried just taking him in there (when all of the students have left) and trying him doing his stuff there.  IT WORKED! So, we've been just going with it lol I'm sure the full sized air hockey table in the basement as his reward helps a LOT! lol

I've been able to phase myself away so that it's just him and his teacher working together.  I wanted to take pictures of them actually working in the classroom but I was busy trying to figure out the whole bomb threat thing.  Once they finished their work, they went to the kitchen to decorate cupcakes!  I must say, I was very nervous about this because Tommy tends to have a LOT of sensory issues with foods.  Upon entering the kitchen I spot about 3 things that are triggers for Tommy. Peeps, jelly beans, lots of sprinkles.  Today... he blew my mind!

washing up
choosing cupcake


LOTS of frosting!

COMPLETELY ignoring the peeps and jellybeans

HIS cupcake

He made one for his sister too. WITH SPRINKLES!

ultimate reward




  1. OMG...I'm getting all "vaklempt" over here. That is SOOOOO fantastic...Tommy that is. Bomb threat...not so good. Yikes.

    The homeschool AT school looks like a great place. We don't have anything like that here...that I'm aware of?!? I would love to see R doing something like that some day too.

    I'm absolutely THRILLED for you!!! ({})


    1. THANKS!!! It's an alternative self contained setting in the back of a church. Kind of hard to explain. LOL We are just trying everything. If it works, RUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!! lol

    2. Absolutely!!! Oh all my panic forgot to mention..."peeps" freak me out too! WTF?!?

    3. they were pink bunny shaped as well lol He looked at them and just flared his nostrils lmao

    4. Haaaahaaaa...I don't blame him. Saw a bunch of peeps at the checkout stand and had to turn away. Creeped me out. Hard to believe they're actually edible?!?!? Aaacck...

  2. yay!!!! And I'm so glad it's Friday too. I'm in jammies ready to put this day to rest, but yay!!!

    1. ((hugs)) these pj's may just stay on till sunday lol

  3. Cupcakes look delish! Such a great setting. I'm happy that's working. Weird how he's doing so well while you have to worry about something else! So glad Brianna is okay too.

  4. Interesting sensory issues with those foods. My son does not seem to have many sight only issues ... unless it's something gory. My son does not like sticky things on his hands though.